Programme Faculty

The MPA programme is taught by faculty members from HKU’s Department of Politics and Public Administration. They are actively engaged in teaching, research, and service.

Professor John P BURNS (B.A., St. Olaf; B.A., M.A., Oxford; Ph.D., Columbia), Emeritus Professor and Honorary Professor

Expertise: Organisation theory and problems, public personnel administration, bureaucratic participation, bureaucratic representation, new public administration, public administration in China

Dr. Kwan Nok CHAN (B.A., MPhil., HKU; Ph.D., Indiana), Associate Professor

Expertise: Comparative politics, authoritarianism, comparative public policy, and institutional analysis

Mr. George CHEN (MPA, DPA candidate, HKU), Honorary Lecturer, Senior Policy Leader of Meta in Greater China

Expertise: Public policy and public administration, Digital economy, Social media, US-China-Taiwan geopolitics, Central Asia and Mongolia

Mr. Alan N. LAI (B.A., MSoc.Sc., HKU), Adjunct Professor (Former Director-General of Trade, ICAC Commissioner, Permanent Secretary for the Treasury, The Ombudsman)
Expertise: Public administration and management in Hong Kong

Mr. Peter LAI Hing-Ling (B.A. HKU), Adjunct Professor (former Secretary for Security)
Expertise: Managerial skills, public administration in Hong Kong

Professor Danny W. F. LAM (B.Soc.Sc.CUHK; Ph.D. Indiana), Professor
Expertise: Public policy analysis, institutional analysis, public management, common-pool resources management, self-governance

Dr. LI Hui (B.A., M.A., Remin; Ph.D., USC), Assistant Professor
Expertise: Public/nonprofit management, organization theory, civil society, environmental governance

Dr. LI Zhengyan (B.A., Remin. MPA, Columbia, Ph.D., Indiana), Assistant Professor

Expertise: Environmental Policy, Environmental Justice, Environmental Attitudes and Opinions, Regulation, Information Disclosure

Professor Patrick NIP Tak-kuen (B. Soc. Sc., HKU; MPA, Harvard), Adjunct Professor, (Former Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs and Secretary for the Civil Service)

Expertise: Politics, public administration and management in Hong Kong

Dr. WANG Xiaoqi (LL.B., LL.M., PKU; Ph.D., HKU), Lecturer, Deputy Director of MPA

Expertise: Chinese politics, public governance and management, institutional analysis, coordination and collaboration, comparative public policy, and state-society relations

Mr. Andrew H.Y. WONG (B.A., CUHK), Adjunct Professor (Former Permanent Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury)

Expertise: Public administration and management in Hong Kong

Professor Ian THYNNE (B.A., B.A. (Hon.), Ph.D. Wellington), Visiting Professor

Expertise: Public governance, public organization, administrative law, and organizational change

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