Ongoing Research Project Principal Investigator Fund Source
Chinese Global Infrastructure in Historical Perspective Prof. Austin STRANGE 郝思誠 Seed Fund for Basic Research
The Past, Present, and Future of Chinese Global Infrastructure Prof. Austin STRANGE 郝思誠 Lasting Impact Fund - Young Scholar Scheme 2022/23
Demonstration, Integration, and Influence: China’s Approach to Global Development since 1949 Prof. Austin STRANGE 郝思誠 Early Career Scheme
Emotion-enhanced agenda setting for political persuasion: An audio-as-data approach to Chinese news programs Prof. CHEN Haohan 陳昊瀚 Early Career Scheme
Exploring the impacts of air pollution on Chinese women rural areas: labor dynamic and income structure Prof. DING Fangda 丁方達 SS Internal Seed Grant Scheme 2023-24
Study on Improving Social Wellbeing of Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong through Ameliorating the Digital Divide Prof. DING Fangda 丁方達 Equal Opportunities Commission
Gender bias in China's public sector: are women discriminated against in promotion and hiring? Prof. DING Fangda 丁方達 Seed Fund for Basic Research
Whataboutism: The Strategic Use of Rhetoric and Propaganda in Shaping Foreign and Domestic Public Opinion on Foreign Policy Prof. Dov H. LEVIN 杜拉文 Seed Fund for Basic Research
Do Unto Others? The attitudes of major power publics towards foreign electoral interventions by their own governments Prof. Dov H. LEVIN 杜拉文 RGC General Research Fund
Social Spontaneity and State Control: Bitter Struggles between Confucianism and Legalism in Chinese Political Thought Prof. JIN Yutang 金鈺棠 Seed Fund for Basic Research
Using immersive virtual reality experiences of extreme weather events to communicate climate change risks in Hong Kong Prof. Kwan Nok CHAN 陳君諾 RGC General Research Fund
Forging collective action in information commons: how user groups on Wikipedia and Baidu Baike govern themselves Prof. Kwan Nok CHAN 陳君諾 RGC General Research Fund
Productive and Counterproductive Threats in International Crises Prof. Kai QUEK 郭全鎧 Seed Fund for Basic Research
International NGOs as Intermediaries in Greening the Belt and Road Initiative Prof. LI Hui 李慧 GRF General Research Fund
One Stone, Three Birds? Co-benefit of Renewable Energy Transition for Environmental Justice Prof. LI Zhengyan 李崢言 Seed Fund for Basic Research
The Political Logic of Anticorruption in China: Goal Competition Conflicts and Compromise Prof. ZHU Jiangnan 朱江南 RGC General Research Fund
updated on 01 March 2024