Department of Politics and Public Administration

Master of International and
Public Affairs


MIPA is a taught-course postgraduate programme in international affairs focusing on the Asia Pacific region. Networked with institutions in mainland China, North America, and Europe, the programme is designed for mid-career professionals and university graduates who want to further develop or prepare for careers in international affairs. The MIPA curriculum provides conceptual knowledge and in-depth understanding of global and Asia Pacific affairs to meet the challenge of a globalising world.

MIPA Graduates

MIPA serves the needs of candidates with the following backgrounds:

(1) Mid-career professionals, including civil servants, journalists, corporation executives, diplomats, political and economic analyst, education and NGO workers who would benefit from part-time academic studies and interaction with other professionals in an academic environment;

(2) Degree holders in social sciences, humanities, law, communications, business or other relevant training who want to prepare themselves for international related careers or advanced academic studies.

Strategic Location

As a major international city with an outward-oriented economy and a meeting point of Asian and Western cultures, Hong Kong is an ideal location for the study of international relations. A regional communication and business hub, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is home to a large number of international organizations and major business corporations. Over ninety countries have chosen to open diplomatic missions in the SAR, which is strategically located as the gateway between China and the rest of the world.

Programme Briefing 27 August 2022

Pioneer Programme

The MIPA is the first postgraduate taught course programme in international affairs offered by a locally based institution of higher learning in Hong Kong. The programme will facilitate the development of knowledge, professional resources, and networks for those interested in international affairs. The faculty consists of dedicated scholars, trained in major universities and well connected with the academic, professional and policy communities regionally and internationally. The department also regularly hosts visiting international scholars in the field.

Flexible Programme Structure

The flexible structure of the programme allows candidates to choose courses from international relations and related areas (including law, media studies and public policy) mostly in the evenings and/or on Saturdays over a maximum of a 2-year period. Candidates also have the options to take courses offered by our partners such as Peking University, George Washington University, Seoul National University, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva and Johns Hopkins University.