Professor CHEN Feng 陳峰

Adjunct professor:Chen Feng is Professor Emeritus of Hong Kong Baptist University. He received his BA and MA degrees in International Politics from Fudan University, China and his Ph.D. from Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University, the USA. His main research interests focus on comparative politics, Chinese politics, and labor politics. Professor Chen Feng’s English monograph "Economic Transformation and Legitimacy of the Post-Maoist: Ideology and Reform" was published by the State University of New York Press in 1995. His latest book in Chinese, 當代中國的國家與勞工:制度,衝突與變遷, was published by the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2020. Professor Chen also published numerous papers in various international journals, including 6 pieces in the China Quarterly, 3 in China Journal, and 3 in Modern China. Other journals in which Professor Chen’s papers appeared include Polity, Journal of Sociology, Communist and Post-Communist Studies, Problems of Post-Communism, Asian Survey, Journal of Contemporary China Studies, China Information, etc. He also edited two books and contributed chapters to several books. He won the China Quarterly’s Gordon White Award for Best Paper of the Year in 2004 and the first prize of conference papers at the 2012 China Sociology Annual Conference in 2012. Professor Chen won 5 GRF grants as well as one grant from Chiang Ching Kuo International Scholarly Exchange Foundation during his service at HKBU. He was awarded Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship, Research Grant Council of Hong Kong in 2015. Professor Chen co-translated four English books, including two classics of political science: Gabriel Almond’s Comparative Politics and Robert Dahl’s Modern Political Analysis. During his tenure at HKBU, Professor Chen served as the Director of China Studies Program and Coordinator of Graduate Study Program of the Faculty of Social Sciences.


  • Feng Chen, Economic Transition and Political Legitimacy in Post-Mao China: Ideology and Reform (State University of New York Press, 1995).
  • 陳峰: 《當代中國的國家與勞:制度、衝突和變遷》 (香港中文大學出版社,2020年)(The State and Labor in Contemporary China: Institutions, Conflicts and Changes, Chinese University Press, 2020)

Journal Papers

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Book Chapters

  • Xuehui Yang and Feng Chen "Seeking solutions: How Local Governments Handle Collective Labor Disputes", in Handbook on Urban Development in China, Ray Yep, June Wang and Thomas Johnson, eds. Edward Elgar, 2019, pp. 313-328.
  • Feng Chen, "Worker Leaders and Framing Factory-based Resistance," in Popular Protest in China, Kevin O'Brien, ed. Harvard University Press, 2008, pp.88-107.
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  • 陈峰:“生存危机、管理者腐败与中国的劳工抗议,”《两岸社会运动分析》,张茂桂、郑永年主编 (新自然主义出版社,2003年)。

Paper in Chinese

  • 陈峰:“宪政与劳工集体权利:美国的经验与启示”《复旦政治学评论》,二〇一六年,第十六期,74-95页。
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  • 陈峰:“国家、制度与工人阶级的形成——西方文献评述及其对中国劳工问题研究的意义”, 《社会学研究》, 2009年9月
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  • 陈峰:“政治发展理论评述”,《国外政治学研究》1985年第6期。

Edited Book

  • 陈峰 、 樊富岷 编《中国热点—转型时期的挑战》香港教育图书公司,2008。
  • 李思名、陈峰、邵一鸣 编《持续与变迁:当代中国的政经、社会和空间发展》,香港教育图书公司,2008。

Translation Works

  • 阿•托夫勒 (A. Toffler):《創造一個新文明》(Creating a New Civilization)上海三聯出版社, 1996年。
  • 喬治•斯爾德斯 (George Seldes) :《偉大的思想》(Great Thought)(與公婷合譯) 上海人民出版社, 1992年。
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