Dr. Jung Eun KIM 金廷恩

Assistant professor of public policy: Dr. Kim’s research focuses on sustainable energy transition in both developed and developing economies, which traverses the fields of environmental, science/technology, and international development policy. She is particularly interested in the global innovation system in achieving sustainable goals. Her previous work investigated the channels to transfer sustainable energy technologies to developing countries and studied the effectiveness of those channels for capacity-building at the national scale. Her recent work investigates sustainable energy financing system and how technological system and policy interact to facilitate the sustainable energy transition at the national level. Recently, she is expanding her research projects to investigate capacity-building and sustainable energy transition mechanism at the local scale. She received a Ph.D in Public Administration from the Maxwell School of Syracuse University. She also holds a Master in Environmental Studies from York University, and a B.Sc. in Environmental Engineering from Ewha Womans University.


  • Early Career Scheme Grant Research Grants Council of Hong Kong (2016/2017)
  • Doctoral fellowship, Department of Public Administration, Syracuse University, 2011-2012
  • Maxwell Fellowship, Syracuse University 2009 - 2011


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